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Extreme Performance
Battery pack for Dash Cam
Price: £399 (Inc. VAT)
Brand: EGEN Inc.
Model: Cellink B15 EGH-15000 (2018.08)
Availability: In Stock
Delivery: Free Special Next Day Delivery in UK
Warranty: 2 years warranty + fast 24hours replacement service

The CELLINK-B is well known as the very best and leading dash camera battery pack for cars. The system was specially designed for use in BMW cars to prevent low voltage warnings. The system is now however used in many different high-end vehicle brands and works to offer the user a long duration of CCTV video recording with their dash cam,
after only 1 hr of driving time!

The high quality lithium Iron phosphate battery means the system can reach temperatures of up to 80'c Degrees
before the internal computer automatically shuts the system off safely.

The CELLINK-B is also very high quality with exceeding reliability and performance,
it also offers the longest amount of recording time compared with any other model.
Running times include ~50hrs+ for a Dual channel camera like Thinkware F770, Blackvue DR650 or ~100hrs+ for a single channel dash camera like
DOD LS460W / LS470W / Vivovation MARCUS4 / Vivovation OPIA2 / Vivovation MF2 GPS/ Vivovation MF3 GPS WIFI...

The system works by charging a high quality lithium-ion battery when your car is running.
When your car is turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous 12V power to your dash camera without the need to drain any power from your car's battery.
This process is very effective in minising the risk of battery discharge, low voltage warnings and flat batteries.

Charging Time
Single Camera running time*
Dual Camera running time**
     15min (10A mode) 14hours 6hous
     30min (10A mode) 30hours 15hours
     60min (10A mode) 60hours 30hours
1h:30min (10A mode) 90hours 40hours
    2hours (10A mode) 110hours 52hours
     15min (12A mode)
20hours 10hours
     30min (12A mode)
40hours 20hours
     60min (12A mode)
80hours 40hours
1h:40min (12A mode)
110hours 52hours
     15min (15A mode)
24hours 11hours
     30min (15A mode)
55hours 25hours
1h:10min (15A mode)
110hours 52hours
* - Standard Single camera with rated current consumption 0.2A@12V (via DC/DC, 5V@480mA), eg. DOD LS460W, DOD LS470W/W+, Vico-Marcus2, Vico-Marcus 3, Vico-Marcus 4, Vico-OPIA 2
** - Standard Dual Channel camera with rated current consumption 0.3A@12V eg. Thinkware F750, F770, Blackvue DR650 2Ch, Vicovation Marcus 5, Vico A12 DUAL
Cellink B Specification:
Model CELLINK PRO 15A (2018/08)
Battery Type LiFePO4 / 12.8V / 15Ah
Battery Life Guarantee 80% capacity after 1000 Full Charging/Discharging Cycles
[ Dual Camera systems = 80% capacity after 6 years ]
[ Single camera system = 80% capacity after 12 years ]
Color Black
Dimensions (L x W x H) 119 x 186 x 90 mm
Weight 2910g (2.9Kg)
Operation Temp. -15°C - 80°C
Input Direct connection to the car battery via 40A fuse (max current rate: 16.6A // 250Watt)
Output DC 12.8V, 2A
Battery Capacity 192Wh (12.8V x 15Ah)
Charging Time 1hour 10 min (15A rapid charging mode)
1 hour and 30 minutes (12A rapid charging mode)
2hours (10A normal charging mode)
Certificate CE / KC / ROHS / FC (MSIP-REM-EGS-EGH-15000)
Operating Time DOD LS460W - 100Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - ON, LCD - ON)
DOD LS460W - 120Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - OFF, LCD - OFF)

VicoVation OPIA2 - 100Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - ON, LCD - ON)
VicoVation OPIA2 - 120Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - OFF, LCD - OFF)

Thinkware F750/F770 - 45Hours (normal recording mode)
Thinkware F750/F770 - 55Hours (parking recording mode)
We do not take responsibility for any damages caused by unprofessional installation of this battery in your vehicle.
Due to high current densities of this product it is recommended to use mounting service center or a professional installer/Car electrician.
Cellink PRO Power Bank adopt Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable batteries, and the value of rated capacities are affected by ambient temperature, testing conditions and methods. The noted rated capacities of Cellink Power Bank are all tested and approved by a third party test lab. (The available capacity decreases gradually with the number of use increasing due to the battery characteristics, recharge cycles are rated to approximately 1000-3000 (20%-40% capacity loss)
Ultra Fast Charging

The Cellink PRO charges completely in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Large 192 Wh Capacity

This battery pack can power a dual channel camera for over 50 hours and single channel for over 100 hours just after 1 hour of charging time.
Thermal Self-Protection, No Overheating

With the built-in thermal sensor, the Cellink PRO protects itself against intense heat by automatically turning off in extreme conditions to prevent overheating (80°C)
LiFePO4 Battery Technology

High energy density combined with safety and consistent performance,
Long life span, Longer cycle life, more environmentally friendly compared to standard Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries.
Compatible with Hybrid Cars

Cellink PRO voltage protection limit and monitoring level can be set to 11.7V (recommended for electric/hybrid cars)
Low Battery Protection

Cellink PRO measure your car battery level, automatically stop charging if the battery voltage falls to low (Limit is 12.3V)
E-Charge mode

Cellink PRO will charge even if your engine is off until your battery level drop to 12.3V or 20min (whichever occurs first)
Safety Mechanisms

Battery B connects only to an ACC fuse meaning that it poses no risk to the vehicle's main battery
OTP - Over-Temperature Protection
SCP - Short Circuit Protection
RVP - Reverse Voltage Protection
OCP - Overcharge Protection
Box Contents:
Box Contents:
- Cellink PRO 15A (v.2018/08)
- 2x Fuse Adapter
- 2x Fuse
- 40A Fuse Holder with Fuse
- Intput lead (3m)
- Hard-Wire output lead (1.5m) (for dashcams with parking mode eg. Thinkware F750)
- Instruction Manual
- 2 Years Warranty
Optional accessories:
Cellink B Extended Battery Pack

This is the expansion pack for the Cellink B/PRO
It must be charged through the main battery and as a result a longer charging time should be expected than just the main battery itself.
It's the perfect choice for someone with longer commutes and needs considerably more parking mode recording time than a traditional hardwire kit or the Cellink Battery B offers on their own.
The Cellink dashcam battery packs are a great way to avoid low battery discharge warning messages on newer vehicles with sensitive electronics.
In Stock
Price: £139 (Inc. VAT)

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