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(new edition 2017/2018)
(Ultimate Battery pack for Dash Cam)
Price: £229 (Inc. VAT)
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Brand: EGEN Inc.
Model: Cellink NEO6 (ver.12/2017)
Availability: In Stock
Delivery: Free Special Next Day Delivery in UK
Warranty: 2 years warranty + fast 24hours replacement service

Enjoy Dashcam parking mode with a peace of mind using the latest Cellink battery!
The Cellink is built with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4 (lLithium Iron Phosphate) which will keep your dashcam running for long hours in parking mode with just 40 minutes of charging.
To power dashcams for parking mode is a challenging problem where mobile power is needed.
Even though car battery has much higher capacity than Cellink battery, it is not designed for routine deep
discharge cycles while car is parked hence its performance may deteriorate and life is shortened prematurely over time.
Cellink NEO comes with Bluetooth built-in and compatible with iOS and Android smartphone so that you can check the charging and usage time easily.
Supply up to 48 hours of power during parking mode with only 40 minutes of charging time. NEO is definitely faster and smarter!

The system works by charging a high quality lithium-ion battery when your car is running.
When your car is turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous 12V power to your dash camera without the need to drain any power from your car's battery.
This process is very effective in minising the risk of battery discharge, low voltage warnings and flat batteries.

Charging Time
Single Camera running time*
Dual Camera running time**
15min 9hours 6hous
30min 18hours 10hours
60min 36hours 19hours
1h:20min 45hours 25hours
15min - Rapid Mode (9A)
12hours 7hours
30min - Rapid Mode (9A)
36hours 19hours
45min - Rapid Mode (9A)
45hours 25hours
* - Standard Single camera with rated current consumption 0.1A@12V (via DC/DC, 5V@480mA), eg. DOD LS460W, DOD LS470W/W+, Vico-Marcus2, Vico-Marcus 3, Vico-Marcus 4, Vico-OPIA 2
** - Standard Dual Channel camera with rated current consumption 0.2A@12V eg. Thinkware F750, F770, Vicovation Marcus 5, Vico A12 DUAL
Cellink NEO Specification:
Model CELLINK NEO6 (2017/12)
Battery LiFePO4 / 12.8V / 6Ah
Color Black
Dimensions (L x W x H) 150 x 170 x 38 mm
Weight 1.3Kg
Input Car cigarette plug DC 14.6V, 5A
Direct connection (Fuse box) DC 14.6V, 9A
Output DC 12.8V, 2A
Bluetooth Yes, + free Android and Apple IOS APP
Battery Capacity 76.8Wh (12.8V x 6Ah)
Charging Time 45min - direct connection via fuse box (9A)
1 hour and 20 minutes - via car cigarete plug (5A)
Certificate CE / KC / ROHS
Operating Time Thinkware F800PRO 2CH - 25Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - ON, LCD - ON)
Viofo A119 - 45Hours (Video Recording - ON, LCD - OFF)
VicoVation Marcus 4 - 48Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - ON, LCD - ON)
VicoVation Marcus 4 - 45Hours (Video Recording - ON, GPS - OFF, LCD - OFF)
Note Cellink NEO6 Power Bank adopt rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries, and the value of rated capacities are affected by ambient temperature, testing conditions and methods. The noted rated capacities of Cellink NEO6 Power Banks are all tested and approved by a third party test lab. (The available capacity decreases gradually with the number of use increasing due to the battery characteristics, recharge cycles are rated to approximately 1000-3000 (10%-20% capacity loss)

Advanced technology

  • Rapid Charging Technology which able to charge fully within 45 minutes of driving
  • Advanced Microcontroller (MCU) for efficient charging control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity & Smart monitoring APP

High Capacity

  • Using the safest battery material, LiFePo4
  • Can lasts up to 45 hours


  • Protects new car warranty
  • Support cigar jack connection (Currently Car Cigar Charger is not included)
  • Prevents electrical errors especially on continental cars, no more "Excessive Leakage Current" error on BMWs

Safety features

  • Protects car battery performance and life
  • High temperature Cuts-Off and Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
  • Short Circuit Protection Control


  • Long cycle life up to 3,000 cycle
  • Stable performance


  • Authorized UK Distributor
  • Stable and reliable product
  • Certified with CE standard: meeting high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.
Box Contents:
Box Contents:
- Cellink NEO6
- Car Cigar lighter charger
- Car Cigar socket (for connect your dash cam charger)
- 3x Fuse leads (3 different types)
- Hard-Wire intput lead (for direct operation and rapid 9A charging mode)
- Hard-Wire output lead (for dashcams with parking mode eg. Thinkware F800PRO)
- 2x Adhesive tape
- Instruction Manual
- 2 Years Warranty
Optional accessories:
Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack PRO

This is the expansion pack for the Cellink Battery that doubles the parking mode recording time for your dashcam.
It must be charged through the main battery and as a result a longer charging time should be expected than just the main battery itself.
It's the perfect choice for someone with longer commutes and needs considerably more parking mode recording time than a traditional hardwire kit or the Cellink Battery offers on their own.
The Cellink dashcam battery packs are a great way to avoid low battery discharge warning messages on newer vehicles with sensitive electronics.

You can connect Cellink NEO Extended to another NEO Extended battery, which means you can extend total capacity as much as you need.
Each Cellink NEO Extended battery has 84.5Wh capacity (+45hours - 1CH camera / +25 - 2CH Camera).

Compatible Models:Cellink B, NEO 6, NEO 9, PRO, NEO Extended to NEO Extnded (Cable is included)
In Stock
Price: £189 (Inc. VAT)

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